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How Exactly Does The Production Process Of A Piece Of Clothing Work?

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Natural touch clothing has been operating a garment factory for 15 years. People like me who are on the front line of the battlefield should know best about the operation process of some garment factories and companies. The main reason for this post is to give you a good explanation of the internal situation of the garment industry, because Understanding this knowledge allows you to understand which stage your order is in, so you can better arrange your sales plan.

When you are in the process of expanding your scale, it is bound to be a direct production cooperation with factories. And this piece of content is complicated, not at all easier than the pure business.

Well, I first briefly say the process of clothing production, broken down can be roughly summarized as design, sample selection, plate making, put the code, fabric inspection and procurement, cutting, sewing, locking eye nail buttoning, ironing whole, inspection, packaging, needle inspection, warehouse storage, shipping.

If the case is a package of labor and materials, the general price of our garment factory to the guests is the cost of raw materials + labor costs + packaging costs + tax rate + gross profit, and most of the garment factory expenses in utilities, plant this piece. And garment factory direct production cooperation in a sense that the cost is the lowest.

1. Design

Good or bad style will largely affect the final performance, of course, the design is not completely determine how a style out, you can simply understand the difference between the seller show and the buyer show, because the process, fabrics and accessories match, the shape is crucial.

Our original design style in China has been like a star fire in recent years, and many outstanding designers and designer brands have emerged. This is a benign promotion for our entire apparel industry. Although copying and fetishism are commonplace, many designers will also change the original version and turn it into a new style.

Therefore, not all brand companies and garments are created independently by designers. Relatively, if only the original version of the improvement then even the wholesale stall owners themselves and factory cooperation can be done. And for some ODM factories, will also directly provide the design and style for you to place orders. The type of cooperation is diverse.

2. Fabric and accessories inspection and purchase and sewing

A piece of clothing raw materials is basically fabric and accessories, the so-called fabric is cloth, accessories are buttons, zippers, lines, etc.. A piece of clothing raw materials needless to say that the fabric will always account for the bulk of the garment fabric purchase is basically a false meter, is the so-called less than a meter, generally only 92 or 93 cm or so; and in terms of the clothing industry, the risk is also large, a version of bad sales or out of fashion can not sell that is certainly to lose money to dump, even if the good sales model, in the end will certainly still be part of the remaining inventory goods, we all We all know that inventory goods are processed goods, so will also lose a small part of the money, this part of the money of course, the price will be raised in the cost of clothing.

Fabrics are cheap and expensive, if you feel that wholesale clothing is very troublesome, link levels, then the same, the fabric industry is the same thing, so many people procure their own fabrics and accessories to do out surprisingly expensive than the exact same style on the market! This is normal. The same fabric usually people can not tell the difference between cheap and expensive fabrics, such as the general skirt material with more chiffon, lace, cotton and linen and satin, I believe that 90% of the people who are not in the industry can not tell the difference between satin and silk.

The price of general accessories and the origin also has a relationship, for example, in China, the quality of Guangdong production is a little better, relatively expensive, while Yiwu production is relatively cheap.

The cost of accessories: an ordinary piece of clothing only buttons or zippers, but now the workmanship of clothing is becoming more and more complex, a variety of decorations are becoming more and more, in addition to these and the necessary formal trademark, the composition of the label, size label, hang tags hanging grain, and each piece of clothing to have a bag, with a handbag and so on. For example, for example, the general price of the plain fabric of the shirt is relatively cheap, printed, color woven (referring to the yarn woven with different colors) will be more expensive. At the same time clothes high-grade or cheap, is the size of the fabric used will also have a big gap.

When the garment factory needs fabric, it will buy the fabric back from the cloth merchant, quality testing is essential, and then according to the sample, cut and sewn, made into a piece of clothing. In a formal garment factory, the clothes are made in a flowing production, that is to say, A cut out the fabric piece by piece according to the sample, then B specialize in sewing sleeves, C specialize in nailing buttons, D specialize in ironing and packing …… is this kind of process. There are also cases where workers complete a single piece independently. Most of the clothes are sewn by sewing machines, but there are a few, such as your familiar double-sided cashmere coat is entirely sewn by hand.

3. Locking eye stud fastener

Lock eyes should pay attention to the following points:

  • Whether the location of the buttonhole is correct.
  • The size of the buttonhole and the size and thickness of the button is matching.
  • Whether the buttonhole opening is well cut.
  • There is stretch (elastic) or very thin clothing, to consider the use of lockhole when the lining is reinforced with cloth. Button stitching should correspond to the position of the buttonhole, otherwise it will cause distortion and skewing of the garment due to inaccurate button position. Nail button should also pay attention to the amount and strength of the nail button line is sufficient to prevent the button from falling off, thick fabric garments on the number of nail button around the line is sufficient

5. Ironing

Ironing is an important process in garment processing. The operation process of Chinese medicine to avoid the following phenomena:

  • Due to ironing temperature is too high time too long caused by the surface of the garment polarized and scorching phenomenon.
  • The surface of the garment left small ripples wrinkles and other ironing blemishes.
  • The existence of leakage of ironing parts.

6. Garment inspection

Garment inspection should be carried out throughout the entire processing process, such as cutting, sewing, locking, buttoning and ironing. In the packaging before storage should also be a comprehensive inspection of the finished product to ensure the quality of the product.

The main content of the finished product inspection are:

  • Whether the style is the same as the confirmation sample.
  • Whether the size specifications are in line with the requirements of the process sheet and sample clothes.
  • Whether the stitching is correct and whether the sewing is regular and flat.
  • Check whether the striped fabric is correct for the striped fabric.
  • Whether the fabric filaments are correct and whether there are defects and oil stains on the fabric.
  • Whether there is a color difference in the same garment.
  • Whether the ironing is good.
  • Whether the bonding lining is firm and whether there is glue seepage.
  • Whether the thread has been repaired.
  • Whether the garment accessories are complete.
  • Whether the size mark, wash mark, trademark, etc. on the garment is consistent with the actual content of the goods, and whether the position is correct.
  • whether the overall shape of the garment is good.
  • Whether the packaging meets the requirements.

7. Needle inspection and packaging into the warehouse

After that, let’s talk about needle inspection, most countries on the general requirements of clothing raw materials must be environmentally friendly, through the composition analysis test, and finished products out of each piece of clothing must be used to test the needle machine once, the main thing is to be afraid of broken needles in the clothes fall in the zap to people, this aspect of children’s clothing requirements are the most stringent, because Japan has broken needle rust zap to the child infection death example, so do Export business salesmen on this point is very strict, especially in Japan, once I had a friend sent a batch of clothes to Japan, about 100,000 pieces, he then ignored the verification of this link, the results were found there after more than one needle, the guests directly the whole batch of goods do not want, this thing let him lose a lot of money!

Clothing packaging can be divided into hanging and boxed two, boxed and generally have internal packaging and external packaging. Inner packaging refers to one or several pieces of clothing into a plastic bag, clothing model number, size should be consistent with the label on the plastic bag, the packaging requirements flat and beautiful. Some special styles of clothing in the packaging to be special treatment, such as twisted and wrinkled clothing to be twisted and rolled form of packaging, in order to maintain its styling style. The outer packaging is generally packed in cartons, and the sizes and colors are matched according to the customer’s requirements or the instructions of the process sheet. The packaging form generally has mixed color mixed code, unique color unique code, unique color mixed code, mixed color unique code four kinds. When packing, we should pay attention to the complete quantity and accurate color and size matching. The outer box is painted on the box mark, marked with customer, shipping port, box number, quantity, origin, etc. The content is consistent with the actual goods.

The above is the whole process of garment production, if you have the demand of custom production garment, welcome to contact us, as a garment manufacturer with 15 years of garment production experience, we have the ability to solve all your needs about garment customization.


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