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What fees do apparel manufacturers charge?

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For an entrepreneur who is just starting their own clothing brand, because they may have limited funds at the beginning of their business and want to spend every penny worthwhile, it is very important to understand the cost of clothing production by clothing manufacturers so that you can make a clear decision when deciding to work with a clothing manufacturer and save your start-up costs.

Garment Sample Fee

If you are you work with a clothing manufacturer once, you can understand the quality and level of craftsmanship of the clothing made by the manufacturer through clothing samples, in general, some clothing manufacturers will specially prepare some ready-made samples to send to customers to check the quality, but will charge a certain amount of shipping, although the clothing samples are free, but the shipping cost is not cheap, in the case of a T-shirt, from China to the United States requires about 35 If you have your own design, I suggest you make a sample of your own, so that you can not only check the quality of the clothes, but also facilitate the modification of the clothes to make them more in line with your standards, generally speaking, the cost of a sample of a common design of clothes plus shipping is about $100, but of course the price will vary according to the clothing process and fabric. This can vary depending on the workmanship and fabric.

Although the cost of a sample may be expensive for you, it is worth it to test the manufacturer’s workmanship and quality, and some garment manufacturers will refund you the sample fee when you are ready to place a large order, which is equivalent to getting a sample for free.

Large Order Fees

If you receive a sample of the garment from the manufacturer and are satisfied with its quality, you can discuss the details of the large order with the manufacturer, who will give you a detailed quotation according to the quantity and requirements you want, the more you order the better the price will be. Generally speaking, the minimum order quantity for garment manufacturers is between 100-500, and the larger the manufacturer, the higher the minimum order quantity.

The price of a large order is divided into a deposit and a final payment, and the deposit is usually 30% of the total price.

How Does a Garment Manufacturer Calculate Its Costs?

A garment manufacturer’s costs include the following four main areas:

1. Raw materials: This includes the cost of the fabric, zippers, buttons, threads and other materials used to make the garment. If the garment has prints, then the different ways of printing will also affect the price.

2. Labor costs: the wages paid by the manufacturer to the workers who make the garments. Generally speaking, the labor costs of garment manufacturers in Asia are much lower than those in Europe.

3. Overhead costs: the rent for the production of clothing, utilities and insurance, etc. Although this part of the cost is not directly related to the production of clothing, it is also an essential part of the costing of clothing manufacturers.

4. Profit: the amount of profit the garment manufacturer hopes to earn from this item.

By knowing these costs, you can have a general idea of what range your garment costs are in, and use this to determine if the garment manufacturer is giving you a reasonable quote.

In conclusion, it is important to know the cost of garment manufacturing when looking for a garment manufacturer to customize your garments. By understanding how the manufacturer calculates its costs, you can ensure that you get a fair price for your garments. We hope this article has provided you with valuable insight into the world of garment manufacturing cost sheets.


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