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Does Polyester Fabric Pilling? The Characteristics Of Polyester Fiber

polyester fiber

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Many consumers in the purchase of clothes will carefully look at the fabric material, but there are many kinds of fabric material, not all consumers can clearly distinguish the differences and advantages and disadvantages of different fabric materials. If you buy unsuitable fabric material will only waste the consumer’s money, then some consumers want to know polyester fabric will pilling, polyester fabric has what characteristics?

polyester fiber

Does polyester fabric pilling? The characteristics of polyester fiber

Polyester fabric will pilling but will not be so easy to pilling. Polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber, also known as polyester. The characteristics of polyester fiber are as follows:

  1. polyester fiber has a high strength and elastic recovery ability.
  2. polyester fiber contains sufficient air in a certain isolation layer, there will be more and greater insulation.
  3. polyester fabrics have better light resistance, in addition to worse than acrylic, its ability to withstand the sun is better than natural fiber fabrics. In particular, the sunlight resistance behind the glass is very good, almost on a par with acrylic.
  4. acid, alkali on its fabric are not much damage, while not afraid of mold, not afraid of insects.

The disadvantages of polyester fiber are low moisture absorption ability, dyeing difficulty and poor breathability and sweat absorption.

Polyester fabric has advantages and disadvantages, its fabric material is cheaper than cotton fabrics, but most fabrics will pilling, and polyester is less prone to pilling one, you can choose according to their needs.

Polyester fiber breathability is good, polyester fiber is plastic?

Many friends like to wear T-shirts in the summer, simple and good-looking, the summer T-shirt fabric on the market more common cotton and polyester, cotton material we are familiar with, cotton material T-shirts are very comfortable to wear, but also very breathable, and for polyester many friends do not know much. So how about polyester fiber breathability, polyester fiber is plastic? The following gives you a detailed answer to this question.

polyester fiber

Polyester fiber breathability is not good, polyester fiber is made of organic diacid and diol condensation of polyester by spinning made of synthetic fibers, this type of production fiber breathability are poor, moisture absorption and water absorption are not good, and easy to absorb dust. So not suitable for summer wear, summer clothing selection, or choose cotton is good, but winter wear is possible. In addition, if you want to choose hiking clothes, sportswear and so on, choose polyester material is also better, with the advantages of wear-resistant and durable.

Polyester fiber, also known as polyester, is a kind of plastic, because the word polyester represents the polyester series of plastic, polyester fiber has a firm and durable, wrinkle-free, non-stick characteristics, commonly used in clothing production and interior decoration. Polyester fiber also has other advantages, has a relatively high strength and elastic recovery ability, its wrinkle resistance and conformability is very good.

Polyester clothing should be washed with care to turn inside out so as to prevent wear and tear, and can also be machine washed in warm water and universal detergent.

Polyester fabric is bad? Is polyester fabric static?

Now on the market is a variety of fabrics for clothes, and each fabric has advantages and disadvantages, and the price of each fabric will be different. Among them, polyester fabric is a more common fabric, because many of our clothes on the market is made of this fabric, but many people say that this fabric is very poor, wearing the body is very uncomfortable. So, polyester fabric is very bad, polyester fiber static electricity?

polyester fiber

First of all, polyester fabric is not particularly bad, but polyester fiber this disadvantage is easy to adsorb dust, static electricity, people usually wear polyester fabric clothing is easy to stain the dust, not only cause unsightly, at the same time let people hate is the generation of static electricity, the skin will feel tingling, if the pants will also be because of the relationship of static electricity close to the skin, completely lose the clothing pants type, very unsightly. Secondly, in order to avoid this defect of polyester fiber, some clothing brands in the clothing fabric added spandex, cotton and other materials can greatly reduce the generation of static electricity, thus appearing with the polyester fiber clothes some static electricity serious some will not be the case.

So, polyester fabric clothes although there are shortcomings, but people wear this fabric clothes or very comfortable, not all polyester fabric clothes will be static, people in the purchase of clothes, you can choose to contain spandex polyester fabric clothes.

The advantages and selling points of polyester fiber, polyester fiber has elasticity?

Polyester fabric in the market is easy to see, and people buy a lot of clothes may be polyester fabric. Although polyester fabric clothes are very common, but people do not understand this fabric, some people feel that this fabric is very poor, some people feel that this fabric is very good, because polyester fabric has advantages and disadvantages. So, the advantages and selling points of polyester fiber, polyester fiber is elastic? Let’s learn more about it.

polyester fiber

People think polyester fabric clothes are good because polyester has many advantages, such as breaking strength, and in the synthetic fiber is the best one, when wet can remain unchanged, which is also the main selling point of polyester fabric clothes. Secondly, polyester fiber is elastic, its elasticity is one of the largest of all fibers, bounce back, strong resistance to damage, after washing the fabric can maintain the original look does not go out of shape. Then polyester fiber has the same feel of wool, suitable for blending with wool, while polyester fabric load and elongation are relatively small, so suitable for finishing process.

Finally, polyester fabrics have good resistance to bleaching additives, so people usually accidentally bleach this fabric is not too big impact. So that the advantages of polyester fabrics so many, people think polyester fabrics are not bad, so the use rate is also high.

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