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What Are The Common Skirt Fabrics?

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What are the common skirt fabrics?

1. Cotton

As the name suggests is all woven from cotton, with warmth, moisture absorption, heat resistance, alkali resistance, health and other characteristics. It is mostly used to make fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirts. Its advantage is that it is easy to keep warm, soft to the body, moisture absorption, breathability is very good. Its disadvantage is easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle, easy to puckering, the appearance of the not very upright beautiful, in wearing must be ironed from time to time.

2. Fine sparse cotton

The correct term is “fine shuttle cotton”, simply put is better woven, better processing, and is pure cotton, this type of fabric can maximize the prevention of pilling.

3. Polyester-cotton

Polyester-cotton, is a blend, as opposed to pure cotton. It is a blend of polyester and cotton, as opposed to “fine woven cotton” to easy pilling point. But because of the polyester component, so the fabric is relatively pure cotton, to be a little softer, not easy to wrinkle, but moisture absorption than the pure surface worse.

4. Washed cotton

Washed cotton is the raw material of cotton, after special treatment to make the fabric surface tone, luster more soft, feel more soft, and in a slight degree of wrinkles reflect the sense of a few old material. This clothing wear and wash with the advantages of not easy to change shape without fading, free of ironing. The surface of the better washed cotton fabric and a uniform layer of plush, unique style.

5. Ice cotton

Ice cotton to thin, breathable, cool and other features against the summer. In layman’s terms, it is a coating on the cotton and a single tone color, white, army green, light pink, light brown, etc. Ice cotton has breathable, cool features, smooth and soft to the touch, with a cool feeling, the surface has a natural crease, worn on the body book and not transparent. Suitable for women to make dresses, seven pants, shirts, etc., wear a different style, is the production of summer clothing of the best fabrics. Pure ice cotton is not shrinkage.

6. Chiffon

Clothing fabrics, the most common is chiffon, chiffon is also known as georgette, georgette crepe. According to the raw materials used can be divided into silk chiffon, artificial chiffon and polyester silk chiffon and several other, the same chiffon fabric, different raw materials woven into the fabric difference is also very big, the texture and feel of the difference is very far, so the price difference is also very big. Chiffon fabric texture soft, thin and transparent, feel smooth and elastic, light and clean appearance, with a good amount of breathability and drape, wear a strong sense of comfort, very airy; almost the chiffon fabric feel stiff, not very comfortable on the skin.

What fabric skirt does not wrinkle?

Lace fabric

When it comes to lace, many people may scream “No kidding!”

After all, many people’s first feeling may be “delicate”, not easy to take care of, it really should be wronged to death! It is not too easy to wrinkle the little princess in many fabrics. Even if you put lace clothes casually stacked, to wear, as long as you pick up a shake, simply do not need to iron!

What fabric is the coolest?

General chiffon, silk, modal, cotton and other fabrics are relatively cool fabric, breathable performance, suitable for summer wear. Generally speaking silk, cotton, linen and other natural fibers, are the best summer clothing. Among them, the smooth silk has the best skin-friendly, high-end clothes are used silk, not only comfortable but also particularly beautiful. Cotton and linen are many levels in terms of quality, the raw materials are almost the same, but the weave is different, which also affects the texture of the clothes.

From the appearance and structure of the fabric `speech, certainly the lighter, the larger the hole the cooler the fabric. There are some elastic fibers, after processing, although also have the characteristics of light and thin, but the breathability is relatively poor. So a sweat is easy to make clothes stick to the body, it is particularly hot, and no cool feeling, so usually in the purchase of clothes to choose the fabric must be careful.

Many people think that the less you wear the cooler it is, in fact, this is a misconception. Too much skin exposed to the outside, it is easy to be exposed to high temperatures, large areas of skin exposed to high temperatures, the skin is easy to be tanned or even burned by sunlight. In the hot summer. The temperature is generally high, a large area of skin exposure not only can not dissipate heat, but will absorb heat from the outside environment, and thus playing bare shoulders will feel hotter.

In the summer, wear the fabric can choose cotton, chiffon, linen, silk, cotton linen and so on breathable strong, absorbent good fabric will be cooler; if it is sleeping sheets, the choice of cool cloth, bamboo fiber, old coarse cloth, cotton cloth these will be cooler. These materials are not only cool, and very light fabrics are not easy to wrinkle, is the most common in summer clothing.

  • Cotton: first of all, to be cool to choose cotton, many people have heard this sentence, because the cotton fabric is very, very breathable, and the effect of moisture absorption is also very strong, so this fabric clothes will be very cool when wearing, even if sweat is quickly washed off, will not feel wet.
  • Silk: you can choose silk type of fabric, silk is one of them, silk is one of the greatest inventions in China, as early as in ancient times people often use it to do summer clothes fabric, the reason is that it is breathable, absorbent, and particularly particularly light, wear not only beautiful, and no burden, naturally more cool.
  • Linen: linen fabric is not as smooth as silk, but it is called walking air conditioning, it is very cool fabric, not only can make people feel cool, and even more than other fabrics cooling effect. However, in the choice of linen fabric clothes, the color should be lighter.

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